Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Contemporary Modern Abstract Huge Oil Painting

Contemporary Modern Abstract Huge Oil Painting

We have commissioned over 100 artists worldwide who create all of our 100% Guaranteed hand painted oil on canvas, Each painting is a unique work of art on its own, and is signed by the commissioned artist who did it। Each painting is rich with texture and full of life and color, and is sure to brighten any room in your home। Now, for the first time, YOU can buy direct from the source! Don't be fooled by our low Price।

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We are talent representatives in Hollywood and are currently adding to our client roster। It is pilot season and have a few gaps in our client roster। If you would like to inquire about representation, we are currently accepting headshots। We are looking for new faces। non-union preferred। Please have current headshots। We specialize in character actors:
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Abye's is Rod map to the world of online shopping!!!

24/7 Auctions your home town eBay Drop-Off store

Abye's Online Auction Store is proud to be an independent, run with a commitment to quality that is second to none. Why should you do business with Abyes online Auction Store? It's simple:
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We are a Drop-Off location as well as a Trading Assistant. We have over 5 years of experience selling on eBay. Come in and meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff and learn what we can do for you. We do much more then just sell on eBay. We have sold many items at great prices and made many of our clients very happy. Stop by and take a look at our store or online in our eBay store.
We help you sell your items but we do have a few exceptions. Your items must have at least a 100 dollar value and it has to be ethical to sell. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 310-254-0173.

What we do...
Do you have unused, unwanted items laying around your home or office? Why not let Auction and Go help you turn those items into cash! With more that 95 million people shopping on eBay, Auction and Go is a professional eBay consignment location that has the time and know-how to help you make this happen. We make it incredibly simple to take advantage of eBay’s unlimited selling power.

What we do...
Just bring your items to us, or call to arrange for pick-up of larger lots. That's it until you cash the check.Auction and Go will take care of all the necessary steps to prepare your item for listing at auction. Our experience helps you maximize the potential to sell your items and give you the most return for your money. Our expert staff handles every detail, you just cash the check!

What we do...
1. Take professional photographs of your item2. Write a detailed description3. List your item on eBay4. Monitor the auction 5. Answer questions from potential buyers6. Process payment at end of auction7. Package and ship the item8. Send you a check!

We Make It Easy...
We take care of the photographs, writing, listing, answering e-mail and phone calls, processing payments, and packing and shipping. We also send you your check after your item sells!

Strong Positive eBay Feedback
The eBay bidders trust sellers with lots of positive feedback. Our strong positive feedback record creates a level of trust that helps us to get top dollar for your items.

Experienced Sellers
Our team of eBay Power Sellers knows how to avoid issues with problem bidders and online scams, and we know how to get the maximum dollar amounts for your items.

Best-In-Class Confidentiality
Selling on eBay requires sensitive seller information such as bank account numbers, credit card information, and so on.
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Hadi said...

*I came to this web log, It was excellent and I enjoyed it a lot. It is user friendly.

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